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Why it Makes Sense to Start the Snow Bidding Process During the Summer

If you are business or commercial property owner, having a snow removal plan in place early can save you not only stress, but time and money. In anticipation of the upcoming snow season, we have identified several advantages to securing a snow contractor during summer months... way ahead of the first snowfall.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Many clients are surprised at how much logistical planning and preparation goes into coordinating winter services. The more time you allow your provider to prepare for the upcoming season the better positioned they will be to meet your expectations.

Providers of snow removal services are like everyone else, they have a limited amount of resources at their disposal. Engaging early in the year assures that those resources will be aligned with your properties.

In many cases sites are serviced as part of a route. Allowing your snow provider to organize and fill their routes ensures an efficient and timely service delivery.

Like anything Snow Removal is a supply and demand business. The closer the snow season comes the higher the demand, and in most cases the higher the pricing. Generally a cost savings can be made when being ahead of the curve with collecting proposals.

Assess your Property while there is No Snow on the Ground

It’s often said in the snow industry that the success of a site is determined before the first snowflakes fall. Conducting property assessments and inspections months before the first snowfall in order to make note of any potential hazards or trouble areas, identify where to store snow, document existing site conditions, assess how much and what type of equipment will be needed, and how much material will be required to complete the job. All of these tasks are easier to accomplish ahead of the snow season.

A well thought snow management plan developed in advance of the actual snow season will ultimately lead to a better, more efficient, and less costly solution.

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