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The Benefits of a Robust Technology Platform for Snow Services

In today’s world, snow and ice removal companies need to ensure storm preparedness is a priority all year round. From stocking road salt and other necessities to reviewing the equipment fleet and routing, the winter planning timetable often starts in early summer and continues until the snow starts falling. By its very nature, snow and ice management can be a tricky business due to the heightened potential for slip and fall claims. With ever-rising insurance costs and an increased responsibility to meet customer demands and accountability, the level of organization needed before, during, and after a snow event is critical. Gone are the days of relying on pen and paper to run your snow service; today’s leading snow removal companies employ powerful purpose-built technology to effectively manage their operations consistently and efficiently while at the same time reducing liability. Here are a few highlights of how a robust technology platform for snow and ice management services can be beneficial.

Next Level Weather Communications

It might sound obvious, but when a winter weather event is on the horizon, one of the most crucial things to consider is the details of the weather before, during, and after the event. In this age of the internet, there are countless resources to gather data, and while everyone has their trusted website, nothing truly is better than having direct contact with a meteorologist. Understanding what’s happening, or more importantly, what’s going to happen, can make all the difference in how your properties are serviced and the results you see. The best snow and ice providers contract the services of a professional weather agency, providing them with the most advanced tools to understand changing forecasts and gain access to real-time weather data.

Data Collection

Collecting data during a snow event will provide critical information that will not only provide visibility into performance but also be the foundation for accurate invoicing as well as memorializing what occurred. The use of a mobile application helps our field teams check in to sites, document service with photographs, and advise of weather conditions. Forensic weather reporting provides detailed storm information, including important data such as certified snowfall amounts.

Combat Liability

While clearing snow and applying deicing agents might seem like the primary jobs during a snow event, many argue that risk management is the number one priority. Slip and fall claims are a significant issue in this industry. When you partner with a legitimate contractor for snow and ice management services, the collection of storm documentation helps to reduce exposure and combat slip and fall claims. Utilizing a complete technology platform provides a transparent view of what’s happening and when it’s happening so issues are identified quickly and solutions are expeditiously created, helping to combat liability.

Generates Invoices Quickly

Historically, snow removal companies have been slow to produce invoices and often struggle with accuracy. When partnering with a company that offers a fully integrated technology platform, all the data we collected during each site visit is captured and that information is then converted into an invoice, leading to a more streamlined process with improved billing accuracy and timeliness. To learn more about this topic, as well as all facets of commercial snow removal, ice management, and landscaping services, reach out to the experts at Cenova at 877-334-2348 or by emailing