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Weather Services, Why They Are More Than Forecasting

In today’s world, weather forecasts are so ubiquitous that we often only treat them as substantial when they’re wrong. It’s easy to forget the crucial role weather services play, especially during the winter. Accurately forecasting winter weather is a complicated process, but when done right and regarded, it can minimize business closures, keep people protected, and help prepare for the future. In fact, accurate weather information and predictions can help you make better business decisions over the years, especially concerning snow plowing and ice management. Below you will learn how snow removal companies utilize professional weather reporting technology to stay ahead of snow events, leading to better preparedness for your business.

The Science of Snow Prediction and How It Can Help Your Business

Snow is arguably the most challenging and complicated weather event for forecasters to predict and for snow removal service companies to track. Why? To predict a snowstorm, forecasters must first understand the current weather conditions and what is producing them. This is done by examining large quantities of observational data from satellite imagery, Doppler radar, barometers, and more, across land, sea, and air weather stations around the world. The data is then processed with a powerful computer, which produces a snow forecast based on complicated mathematical models. Inaccuracies can and do occur because these equations were developed by generations of meteorologists who have observed the effects of weather factors like wind strength, barometric pressure, the Earth's temperature, and more over hundreds of years. In simpler terms, it’s like a complicated math problem that’s constantly changing.

Winter weather is difficult to track for a commercial snow removal company because of all the above-mentioned moving parts; unless they utilize professional weather reporting technology that can provide around-the-clock monitoring and cutting-edge reporting. Snow removal companies are proactive throughout every season, so you don’t have to be. Commercial snow removal companies utilize forecasting to help them plan for weather before, during, and after the event. They break down their service areas into zip codes, so at the first sign of snowfall, field supervisors and dispatch technicians work together to monitor the storm and changing weather conditions and pre-treat and clear the surfaces within a specific area. After the initial snow clearing service, they will continue to monitor the weather to ensure high-traffic areas like entryways, exits, parking lots, and handicap areas are accessible to guests.

It might sound obvious, but knowing this information well before the snow starts to fall can help you plan for the unexpected and keep your doors open. When you understand what’s currently happening with the weather and what’s going to happen, it can make all the difference in how your commercial sites are serviced and the results you’ll see.

Snow Plowing and Snow Removal Services by Cenova

With Cenova, you can rest assured your commercial portfolio is prepared for winter weather events because of our cutting-edge weather reporting technology which provides our team with the most advanced tools to understand changing forecasts and gain access to real-time weather data. This information, combined with our robust arsenal of snow removal equipment and our team of Certified Snow Professionals, allows us to effectively and efficiently service the specific needs of your business. For expert snow and ice removal services, reach out to the experts at Cenova at 877-334-2348 or by emailing